Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on Stuff

Well First of All... At 815am this morning I got the Call.. and we are FINALLY cleared for Germany.... So now to get my butt in Gear and get this house done and Ready to Move.. I want to see about leaving at the end of March.. so that gives me enough time to really get this house done... WOW.. alot to do.. and alot for 1 person.. with 4 kids :P but oh well.. I'll get it all done... any who...Just wanted to update you all on that part...

well as for the girls update.. they are doing alright.. Ayme has a cold right now.. but hopefully it will pass soon.. Alyssa is 8mths old.. and all of 13lbs 12oz.. still small but she is healthy and happy.. Michelle was going to start up her speech.. but I'm going to wait til we get to Germany now... Samantha.. she is doing well.. been helping me out alot.. and hopefully she will help out more now with knowing we will be moving soon.... but all in all they are doing alright.. and now they are excited to be seeing there Daddy soon

As for me.. God I need a vacation.. On this Thursday I will be having a few hours out with a friend and No kids... so that will be nice... I need that break.. and to be out with a friend lol.. any who.. I'm doing alright.. I'm nervous scared about this move.. and all.. But I know I got to leave it all in Gods Hands.. He will get me through this all.. But I'm doing alright...

well thats about it... take it easy

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